Varma Treatments


arma Art is a part of our medical Treatment. Experts in Varma Art alone can perform. It in our human body there are 108 Varma Points.They are categorized as 12 Padu Varman Points. These points are kindled depending on the nature of diseases and hence cured.

Centuries back, a Chinese traveller who came to India learnt this from Indian. Later they combined it with their medical treatment.This is populary known as “Acupuncture”  They cured many diseases using “Acupuncture” Now this medical treatment has spread all across the world.

But in India, this art has become rare and extinct. This art is used only in our Royal treatment. This art has been thought generation after generation to our descendants only. This is because of this art which can give life has capability to take lives away too. Improper treatment can also endanger the lives of people. Otherwise, it may cause fatal effects in our body.

Hence, this art is thought only after the maturity of  body and mind by severe practice of yoga. Therefore, the number of persons learning this art gradually decreased at present only the Royal Doctor’s know about this art.

Many diseases can be cured by medicine. But a few of them cannot be cured by any medicine. Varma Art is very useful in such a case. Sometimes the patients may be very weak and feeble that they are not in a position to accept any medical treatment. Heretoo, Varma Art proves to be useful. Undergoing this art, the nature of  the disease, loses its effects. And the patients returns to the normal state. This kind of facility is not made available in other medicine.

Though varma Art, the disease can be cured upto the root cause. The side effects of the disease are also treated Thereby the patients do not face any problem or pain. Diseases that can be cured by medicine do not undergo varma treatment. The defects occurring in nervous system, brain and spiral cord can be treated by varma art.

Patients with paralysis are also treated by kindling the organs and they return to normal.